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Without prejudice to your statutory rights, refunds are issued in accordance with the following policy (and, in the case of doubt or ambiguity, according to our judgement and sole discretion):



If a customer wishes to be refunded on a short tutored course (that is, any course less than 12 weeks in duration), they are entitled to a refund up to 14 days before the course starts, but note that an administration fee of £75 will be charged. After the 14-day cutoff, no refund is possible. To avoid loss, we strongly advise customers to ensure they are able to take the course on the dates advertised, and that they are comfortable undertaking this online. Should a customer wish to transfer their place to the next scheduled course, this is only possible if places remain, and a £75 administration fee will be charged. No changes will be possible once a course has started.



When a customer applies for our mentoring/coaching/review service and wishes to be partially refunded for the mentoring service after having embarked on the mentoring/coaching/review process, such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and, in all cases, an administration fee will be charged.



A monthly standard or VIP Membership to The Writer’s Marketing School can be cancelled at the end of the 12 month subscription. Payments will continue to be collected for the full 12 month period of membership that you originally purchased. If you cancel, those payments you will be in breach of the terms and conditions of membership and this could lead to legal action by us to recover the owed payment from you.  An annual Standard or VIP Membership can likewise be cancelled at the end of the subscription, but cannot be refunded. Requests for partial refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and for annual membership payments only, but there is no automatic right to any refund.

The content of the membership package may change at any time and there is no guarantee that a service or piece of content that is currently available will remain available at any future date. When live events (such as webinars) are scheduled, we will seek to run that event as planned but may need to cancel, alter the presenter, or otherwise revise the content.

Advice given as part of the membership service is given in good faith, but may not take account of your exact needs or circumstances. We accept no liability whatsoever for harms you may suffer by relying upon our advice. In the end, you must use your judgement to decide what is best for you.

The data provided is compiled in good faith from publicly available sources. That material is regularly reviewed and updated. If users notify us of errors or pages that have become out of date, we will make our best efforts to update and correct those pages promptly.



Reviews and assessments can typically not be refunded at any point, because we will start work as soon as payment has been made. Should a refund be agreed, we reserve the right to retain a £50 admin fee. Clients need to be aware that advice is just that – advice – and you may well disagree with some or all of the advice given. Our primary commitment here is that any advice given is given in good faith by a suitably experienced and committed team member. Naturally, we can make no guarantee that the suggestions offered will improve your situation and we certainly cannot promise that, if you follow our suggestions, your work will necessarily sell. Other things to consider:

  • We reserve the right to return your work and payment to you should we fail to find a suitable team member. In these exceptional circumstances, a full refund will be issued.
  • We aim to provide an assessment within 4 weeks but cannot guarantee this
  • Your work will always be treated in the strictest confidence.
  • The copyright of your work is automatically yours and remains yours at all times.
  • Whilst we realise that receiving feedback is a sensitive process, we expect writers to behave in a professional manner and reserve the right to stop corresponding with you should your manner be offensive to our staff.


Refunds for one-day events, evening masterclasses and the like, will be issued, subject to a £50 admin charge, up to 14 days before the event. After that time, no refunds can be issued as we will have confirmed numbers to the venue and may not be able to resell your ticket.



Clients need to be aware that advice is just that – advice – and you may well disagree with some or all of the advice given. Our primary commitment here is that any advice given is given in good faith. We can make no guarantee that the suggestions offered will necessarily lead to a publishing deal. One-to-one sessions will only be refunded if:

  1. The session is cancelled up to 14 days prior. This gives us sufficient time to re-sell your time slot.
  2. Your submission has not yet been uploaded or read.



The Writer’s Marketing School is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment that depends on tolerance and understanding of all participants.

We ask that delegates treat each other, agents, publishers, book doctors, workshop leaders, and The Writer’s MArketing School representatives with consideration and respect.

We reserve the right to refuse entry or exclude any delegate who behaves in a disruptive, disrespectful manner, or engages in discriminatory or illegal conduct. No refund will be given if exclusion is made for these reasons. Our judgement on the matter will be final.



By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are agreeing to be photographed or filmed. We will be filming several workshops, these will be made available to our Members. Photographs may be taken for promotional purposes.



The Writer’s Marketing School is committed to providing a wonderful experience. It is always lovely to hear what we did right, but if you feel that we did not meet your expectations we want to know that as well.

Often things can be resolved quickly and simply. So, do contact one of the team and let us know about your problem. We will want to help and sort it out. If you feel this is not sufficient, you may wish to make a formal complaint. Note that all complaints should be made in writing.



We schedule webinars in good faith, but cannot guarantee that a given speaker will be able to attend. Where possible we will find suitable replacements, but in some cases we may be obliged to cancel altogether.

We reserve the right to remove you from the chat during our webinars if your behavior is detrimental to the event, abusive to our staff or speakers or causes offence.

We make great efforts to ensure that our events proceed without technical glitches or interruptions in communications, but we cannot guarantee this. Most communications problems lie at the user’s end; we recommend connecting your device directly to the router via ethernet cable, as this solves most problems.

We reserve the right not to upload a webinar for replay if the speaker withdraws consent, or for any other reason.

Speakers may refer to third-party resources or websites, but of course such references do not imply endorsement byThe Writer’s Marketing School. All use of such resources is at the user’s risk and reliant, always, on the user’s own judgement of their own individual requirements.

We use webinar technology with an embedded chat function, but we cannot guarantee that this function will work, either in general or for you specifically. We are not able to answer your technical questions about the operation of this software (which ought to be intuitive and easy).





The Writer’s Marketing School Community has been created and is operated by The Writer’s Marketing School. Our community is accessible for certain membership groups.



You are granted free use of the Community in exchange for a validated email address and the agreement of the full terms of use of this platform. You may no longer use the forum if we contact you directly to say that you may not. We do not have to give a reason for any such refusal of service.



You may not break the law using this Community. You may not seek to use another’s account without their specific permission. You may not buy, sell, or otherwise trade in usernames or other unique identifiers.

You may not send advertisements, chain letters, or other solicitations through the Community, or use the forum to gather addresses or other personal data for commercial mailing lists or databases. You may not use the Community to send e-mail to distribution lists, newsgroups, or group mail aliases.

You may not falsely imply that you’re affiliated with or endorsed by The Writer’s Marketing School, or remove any marks showing proprietary ownership from materials you download from the Community.

You may not disable, avoid, or circumvent any security or access restrictions of the Community.

You may not strain the infrastructure of the Community with an unreasonable volume of requests, or requests designed to impose an unreasonable load on information systems underlying the Community.

You may not impersonate others.

You may not encourage or help anyone in violation of these terms.



You may not submit content to the forum that is illegal, offensive, or otherwise harmful to others. This includes content that is harassing, inappropriate, or abusive.

You may not submit content to the forum that violates the law, infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights, violates anyone’s privacy, or breaches agreements you have with others.

You may not submit content to the forum containing malicious computer code, such as computer viruses or spyware.

You may not submit content to the forum as a mere placeholder, to hold a particular address, user name, or other unique identifier.

You may not use the forum to disclose information that you don’t have the right to disclose, like others’ confidential or personal information.

The Writer’s Marketing School is not responsible for any content of this kind on the Community, but may investigate violations of these terms and assist in any criminal or civil investigation or prosecution.

We reserve the right to change, redact, and delete content on the community for any reason and without notice. You accept that we have no responsibility for any offence, harm or other loss that you may occur as a result of reading or seeing user-generated content on our Community. You understand that we have no responsibility for statements made by other users on the Community and you will use your own judgement in relation to any advice or suggestions contained in those statements.



The Community is a platform offered by The Writer’s Marketing School as a membership benefit and the underlying software is provided by a third-party vendor, over whom we have no control. We have no ability to alter the underlying software powering the site. We are therefore not able to offer users any support with the use of this Community platform, including technical assistance, and we cannot be held responsible for any software errors, or other unexpected consequences of the software.



You must create and log into an appropriate membership account to use features of the forum.

To create an account, you must provide some information about yourself. If you create an account, you agree to provide, a valid email address, and to keep that address up-to-date, as well as a username and password.

You agree to be responsible for all action taken using your account, whether authorised by you or not.

The company may restrict, suspend, or close your account according to its policy for handling copyright-related takedown requests.

Breaching any of these rules may result in a warning, temporary removal or permanent removal from the community and any future iterations of the community.



We will never sell or share your personal details with any third party without your express permission.

The contact details with which you join the community will be used to send you The Writer’s Marketing School newsletters and other communication. You can opt out of receiving these at any time.



You accept all risk of using the Community and content on the Community. As far as the law allows, The Writer’s Marketing School and its suppliers provide the Community as is, without any warranty whatsoever.

Neither The Writer’s Marketing School nor its suppliers will be liable to you for breach-of-contract damages their personnel could not have reasonably foreseen when you agreed to these terms.

As far as the law allows, the total liability to you for claims of any kind that are related to the forum or content on the forum will be limited to £50.



The following rules apply to all draws and competitions held via the Community:

  • Unless stated otherwise, all prize draws and competitions are open to worldwide entrants aged 18 or over.
  • The Writer’s Marketing School is not responsible for any prizes lost or damaged during delivery.
  • Where the original advertised prize is not available, an alternative will be provided.
  • If address or contact confirmation is required from the winner, this must be provided to  The Writer’s Marketing School within 28 days of us contacting you about your win. If not, another winner will be chosen.
  • In the case of surveys, all entrants who provide an email address will be entered into a draw to win the prize or prizes. Entrants will be chosen at random.
  • In the case of a ‘talent’ competition  the judge or judges’ decision is final.